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PILATES LIFE – MAT CLASSES – Instructor Phil James

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Terms and Conditions

  1. This form must be submitted or presented no later then the first day of training.
  2. In regard to any medical condition disclosed on this form, participants undertake to obtain a clearance from their relevant treating medical practitioner prior to enrolling in a Pilates floor class.
  3. If, due to unforeseen circumstances a class is cancelled, participants will be offered a monetary credit or an additional class may be scheduled.
  4. Please bring a mat, two bathroom size towels.
  5. Fees are a payment for a certain number of classes at a specific time and venue. All new students pay for eight weeks in advance.
  6. There are no refunds
  7. If you miss a class (any number) if they are available you can do a make up class somewhere else. Make up classes do not continue to build up you must do them within 9 weeks of paying fees.
  8. When classes drop below 3 people I might ask people to join with another class.
  9. If for some reason you are unable to train for more then three classes please call me to discuss fees.


Exercise is not without risk to the musculoskeletal and cardio pulmonary systems and I acknowledge I have voluntarily elected to participate in a Pilates floor / mat exercise program with the instructor Phil James.

I will not hold Phil James responsible for any personal injury loss or damage which may result from my participation in any proposed exercise program. Further I agree to accept the above Terms and Conditions.

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