Pilates Life Classes

Foundation Course for Beginners

Over eight weeks you will learn breathing, focus, relaxation, muscle activation and body control techniques that will make the Pilates exercises and Posture and Flexibility stretches one of the most effective exercises your body has experienced. By the end of the eight weeks you will have a series of time efficient Pilates exercises and stretches that effect the whole body particularly the core abdominal, buttocks and back muscles. You will have the tools and have laid the foundation to achieve toning, improve posture, strength and stamina or whatever your goals might be.

The planning of the classes and the very nature of the Pilates exercises and Stretches means you will be able to participate with safety and success.

Continuing Class Level 1

You will feel stronger and healthier and you will experience the differences that improved coordination, balance, mobility and stamina bring to daily life as you move your body through a greater range of Pilates exercises and Stretches

Control Class Level 2

Sharper mental focus, heightened body awareness and increased core strength and flexibility will allow you to harness your mind to control your body in these more physically challenging exercises.

There are no Pilates LIfe classes running at the moment.

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